The Zonc WiFi

So. You know that app called Letgo, that lets you sell and buy things to or from people nearby? I use it a lot. For example, that’s where my second monitor comes from. I found this nice small Asus AP, for just 100 CZK (Around 3.6 EUR), and since I like things like this, I bought it. Later, I noticed that the input voltage is 5 volts – the same as a USB port. So I tried to connect it to my powerbank – and it worked. Maybe you ask “Why? There are so many routers with built-in batteries.” Well, this router is capable of running OpenWRT and OpenWRT is capable of running Aircrack-NG. So, portable wireless linux-based hacking device? Doesn’t that sound good?

The Zonc wifi. Some ghetto engineering.