Windows Privacy Tweaker

Never heard of it? Too bad!

This awesome tool allows you to completely customize your privacy settings on Windows 10, including the Windows Live Family Monitor, which can be useful for young people that don’t like being monitored. Anyways, give it a try. It’s free.

Download here at Majorgeeks

Please note that the developer’s website is currently down since they’re making a new one, the download link isn’t from their site.

The Zonc WiFi

So. You know that app called Letgo, that lets you sell and buy things to or from people nearby? I use it a lot. For example, that’s where my second monitor comes from. I found this nice small Asus AP, for just 100 CZK (Around 3.6 EUR), and since I like things like this, I bought it. Later, I noticed that the input voltage is 5 volts – the same as a USB port. So I tried to connect it to my powerbank – and it worked. Maybe you ask “Why? There are so many routers with built-in batteries.” Well, this router is capable of running OpenWRT and OpenWRT is capable of running Aircrack-NG. So, portable wireless linux-based hacking device? Doesn’t that sound good?

The Zonc wifi. Some ghetto engineering.